Behavioral Health/Legal Services

Meeting Times

The Behavioral Health/Legal Services meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 11:45AM – 1:00PM at the Hagler Mason Auditorium of the City Hall.


  • Cathy White – First Judicial Circuit, Court Administration
  • Rachelle Burns – Strategic Plan Director, Mental Health Task Force of NWFL  /  Chair, EscaRosa Suicide Prevention Coalition


Behavioral Health:

1.) Advocate for full use and optimization of the HMIS system by service providers to track the progress of individuals as they move through the Continuum of Care;

2.) Investigate ways to increase funding and available services for Detox, Addictions Treatment and Aftercare services.

3.) Reduce ER visits by homeless individuals and families by 10%;

4.) Improve access to healthcare and case management by negotiating memorandums of understanding agreements.

Legal Services:

1.) Partnering with the court system, local law enforcement and service providers to develop effective case management and aftercare services that will result in better outcomes and reduce recidivism;

2.) Develop a diversion program to direct individuals charged with minor offenses into rehabilitation programs rather than jail.