Poster for annual affordable housing conference

Affordable Housing Funding Series

Part 1: March 15, 10a.m.

Part 2: March 22, 10.m.

Part 3: March 29, 10a.m.

The good news is that there is an abundance of funding sources for affordable housing programs. The bad news is that there is an abundance of sources… you get the picture. This three-part webinar series solves the puzzle with a program by program walk through so participants understand the opportunities, the eligibility factors of each program, and where to apply. The series will provide an overview of common funding sources and affordable housing tools to address homelessness, rental development, and for homeownership. Part 1 of the Affordable Housing Funding Sources will feature funding sources for special populations and initiatives. This session provides an overview of ESG, CoC, HUD VASH, HOPWA, rental assistance programs, and other funding sources including state funding for Challenge Grant and TANF. If you want to unravel the acronyms, register for the workshop!


The Pre-Development Process

Part 1 & 2

April 20 & 27th at 10a.m.

A two-part series designed for nonprofit housing developers, construction management staff, planning staff, and housing program administrators. Predevelopment is one of the most important components of housing development. This training provides guidance to nonprofit organizations on predevelopment activities and due diligence necessary prior to the development of affordable housing units.


The Development Process

Part 1 & 2

May 10 & 17th at 10a.m.

A two-part training series that provides participants with an introduction to the housing development process from the point of view of the developer. It is designed for nonprofit developers, housing program administrators, and their community partners. In this first session, the presenters will address land use, impact fees, permitting, platting and more. Key topics include financing, site selection, and how housing is made affordable.


Self-paced Courses Designed Especially for Nonprofits Interested in Becoming Affordable Housing Developers

Special: Extended FREE Enrollment!

Sign up today for our Building Capacity to Build course. Designed to take nonprofits step by step through the process of developing the capacity they need to start an affordable housing project, this free course is a self-paced training module that guides a nonprofit through a thorough assessment of its internal structure and operations.


Review the Fall 2021 Building Capacity to Build Recordings

This past fall, a number of nonprofits participated in our first leadership class for nonprofits interested in building their capacity to become nonprofit affordable housing developers. Watch, learn, and listen as they share their struggles and ask the hard questions they need to face to grow.


In the Lab: Nonprofit Capacity to Build

Part 1: March 24th, 10a.m.

This session serves as the recap and introspective of the Fall 2021 series on the affordable housing development process through conversations with a nonprofit leader, Daniel Rosemond, CEO of the East to West Development Corporation.


Reserve Your Spot at Our Upcoming In-Person Conference, with Special Trainings and Opportunities for Nonprofits

The 2022 Annual Home Matters Conference, held Aug 29-31, in-person at the Rosen Centre in Orlando, will feature our 2nd Nonprofit Pitch Competition — where nonprofits can pitch their ideas to win thousands in prize money — and a special nonprofit workshop track. You don’t want to miss this year’s conference!

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