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#WorldHomelessnessDay is awesome. But one day is not enough. We are taking this entire week to foster hope and demand for the right action. 

Join us.

We are calling for a louder, truer story of homelessness: what is at stake and what is possible. The first gives us urgency — and the latter shows us the way forward.

Make it impossible to ignore what’s at stake and the fact that another reality is possible. We can build a different future. Communities are proving it.

Homelessness is solvable.

Five Actions You Can Take This World Homelessness Week

Educate yourself on the costs of homelessness and the actions Built for Zero communities take to make homelessness rare and brief.

Take a ten question quiz about the costs associated with homelessness.

Watch newly released videos showcasing research about the costs of homelessness.

Join us for a Tweetstorm on October 10 from 12-3pm ET as we use our collective voices to get #WorldHomelessnessDay and #HomelessnessIsSolvable trending.

Post throughout the week on social media. Head to our site for graphics, videos, and sample posts.

When we solve homelessness, everyone benefits. Video from Community Solutions
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