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Friends and Supporters,

Lotus is doing something unique this year. In partnership with generous businesses, we developed this auction. There’s a vacation home in Los Padres National Forest, a Langham hotel stay, a life coaching package, and more. And if an item doesn’t appeal, we gratefully accept and appreciate gifts made directly to us as well through the end of this year.

Starting at noon on Monday, December 6th and ending at noon on Friday, December 10th, will you bid on our online auction and help get more people housed in 2022? For every $800 raised, we can house one person for an entire year. Together, we will ensure more people get a place to be safe, to build from, and to call their very own home.

After reading the paragraph below, I invite you to close your eyes.

Perhaps you are at your kitchen table, lights dim after everyone has gone to bed. Are you on your couch? In your office? Is a cat purring next to you? A dog at your feet? Maybe the kids are running wild before dinner. Maybe it’s a quiet and peaceful Fall evening. Where are you in your home right now, and what does it feel like?

I pause to appreciate home more often these days. On any given night in America, there are nearly 600,000 that are unhoused. They’re in every city and state. They’re families and individuals. They’re the elderly and children. They’re our neighbors. 2020 marked the fourth straight year of increase in the homeless population, and the need to do better has never been greater.

In 2018, Lotus Campaign took stock of the evolution of homelessness in America and the reasons it has become one of the most insuperable challenges of our society. We concluded: If the problem is this big and vast, the solution must be equally so. Today, we increase the availability of housing for people experiencing homelessness by engaging the weight and heft of the for-profit sector.

Simply, we serve as a bridge between nonprofits that identify people at risk of homelessness and those that have ample, available housing – landlords, real estate developers and investors. This is how we have already housed 350 people in ONE City.

With your support this season, we will scale our solution to new cities in the new year, and bring more of our neighbor’s home.

Happy Bidding,

Beth & Michelle
Executive Director & Director of Philanthropy

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