COC Coordinated Entry System Workgroup Prioritization
Tuesday | November 15, 2022 | 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM at Immanuel Baptist Church 4187 Highway 90, Pace, FL

TOPIC: Prioritization

Prioritization means that we will begin to give precedence to those with the greatest vulnerability or barriers to housing:

  • People most at risk if they remain homeless (e.g., medical issues, mental health issues, pregnancy, imminent risk of danger, etc.)
  • People who have the greatest barriers to accessing housing (e.g., criminal record, eviction history, inability to work, chronically homeless).

Coordinated Entry is designed to connect people more effectively to resources that will end their homelessness. Creating a prioritization will enhance…

  • Households to locate housing faster
  • Households will only be referred only to projects they are eligible for
  • Providers can avoid ineligible/inappropriate referrals
  • Providers can better manage prospective participants through prioritization
  • Funders can see increased compliance with eligibility requirements
  • CoCs have better data and can identify areas for improvement

Please bring your eligibility and prioritization best practices to the next meeting.

Information Contact: Martika Baker, Director of Grants Administration (850) 439-3009 ex. 110

Who should attend?

Funded organizations
Any organization receiving Federal, State and Local funding to end homelessness.

Non-profit organizations
Service Providers | Veteran Services | Victim Service Providers | and many more….

City | County | State | Law Enforcement | Mental Health

Special Subpopulations
LGBTQ+| Youth | Lived Experience | Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color | Medically Vulnerable / Persons with Severe Health Needs | Tribal Entities

To allow our team to focus more heavily on those that are present there will not be a virtual meeting link option.

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