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Opening Doors NWFL has been using coordinated entry for a few years as the front door Homelessness Response System (HRS) designed to assess, prioritize, and match people experiencing homelessness to housing opportunities.

Here’s your chance to assist in the process of overhauling the Coordinated Entry System to be a more efficient and consistent, community-wide intake process to match people at risk and experiencing homelessness to existing community resources that are best fit for their situation.

NOTE: The Coordinated Entry System Workshops will take place through a series of monthly meetings during the regularly scheduled General Coalition Meetings.


Discussion Topics Include:

  • What is a Coordinated Entry System
  • Why is the Coordinated Entry System being reassessed.
  • Who should join the Workgroup.
Overhaul Definition: a thorough examination of a system, with repairs or changes made if necessary.

If you plan to attend, please select one of the following.

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