Meet the Youth Action Board Meeting Poster
Youth Action Board Chair Jordyn Palmer

“I am so excited for the community to meet the YAB, each and every one of you are a vital resource if we want to change the homeless response system for youth in our community. Partnerships between youth and adults is a precious thing you don’t see happen very often, but we are going to change that NOW. I look forward to meeting every-single one of you and discussing how you can become a resource of the YAB whether its Monetary, Volunteering, or just giving us general knowledge, we cannot do it without YOU. The time is Now, and we are just getting started!”

Youth Action Board Chair Jordyn Palmer

Why You Should Meet the Youth Action Board

Communities around the country are creating Youth Action Boards (YABs) that bring youth voice to the forefront of their continuum of care strategic planning processes. The YAB is comprised of young Escambia and Santa Rosa County residents (18-24) with lived experience of homelessness and young allies.

Opening Doors Northwest Florida is committed to ending youth homelessness through a coordinated effort, as a key stakeholder of this community you are invited and encouraged to provide leadership and guidance to these young leaders.

What can YOU do?

  • Start by meeting the YAB, they are eager to know you!
  • Invest professional development such as project management and/or public speaking.
  • Trainings: Stress management, sexual violence awareness, anti-oppression, and other topics.
  • Sponsor meetings and events.
  • Raise Awareness; Outreach opportunities, speaking engagements, news articles, video’s, printing services.
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