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Operation Next provides grant-funded training, meaning no out-of-pocket cost, in either Welding or CNC Machining and is available to transitioning military, veterans, military spouses (Active-Duty/Veteran), children (18 or older) of (Active-Duty/Veteran).

The training is primarily targeted at anyone who is new to either industry or with prior experience from the military and just needs an official certification to start their career post-service. First, you will choose which program you want to participate in, and then we will later verify your eligibility before you start the program.

Both the Welding and CNC Machining programs are a mix of knowledge (online) and practical (in-person workshop) based instruction so the program completion time will depend on your ability to understand and implement the skills learned in the program. So, it is possible to complete the course faster or slower than the average time listed for the program.

If you decide that you want to participate in the program, please click the link below to register for the program that you want to participate in

Please have any interested participant note their referring organizations in the specified field on this form! This is important for tracking referrals

Once your registration is received, participants will receive a follow-up email to verify eligibility. After the verification, PSC will then begin to work with you to schedule when you would be available to start the program.

For more information, please contact PSC at 850-484-1379 or send an email to

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