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The HUD Exchange is pleased to announce exciting updates on Homelessness Assistance pages designed with you in mind.


Your insights have been invaluable in shaping these enhancements:

  • New landing pages for key programs, systems, strategic priorities, and data showcasing the variety of homelessness assistance content available for you on the HUD Exchange
  • New Homelessness Assistance navigation menu to help you quickly navigate to the pages you frequently use

New organization structure of content utilizing user friendly and intuitive layouts to enhance and improve your ability to find the resources you need

Explore Homelessness Assistance

View the following new and updated homelessness assistance pages as you explore the homelessness assistance resources, tools, and training available on the HUD Exchange:

Questions or Feedback

If you have any questions or feedback on the enhancements, please contact the HUD Exchange website team by emailing info@hudexchange.info.

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