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Here is some additional info that could be accessed for those who may wish to share with their committee in follow-up to the meeting, including a link to the website:  https://careersourceescarosa.com/.  Simply click on Programs in the top right of the site for a review of the Programs.

Employment and Career Resources

Also, the Metrix Learning/Skillup America logos are in the middle of the home page.  Jobseekers or Employers in Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties interested in Metrix Learning may click either of the logos or use this link to register for a FREE Jobseeker account to access 7,000+ courses and training for 130+ industry certifications or to explore FREE Employer Resources:  http://careersourceescarosa.skillupamerica.org/job-seekers.cfm.

If anyone you serve is interested in applying for public assistance – cash assistance, food stamps, or Medicaid, they may simply apply at the DCF Access website using this link to initiate the process:  https://dcf-access.dcf.state.fl.us/access/index.do.  Once approved for the cash assistance or SNAP food assistance, they may be referred to the Welfare Transition Program or SNAP Program for case management, which allows the team to assist them with assessments, work activities, support services (emergency housing, utilities, etc.), referrals, etc. on their path to self-sufficiency.

Other Employment and Career Resources

WIOA – https://careersourceescarosa.com/programs/wioa

WIOA – Get There Faster Military and Veterans, Priority of Service Grant – https://careersourceescarosa.com/veterans/veterans-get-there-faster-grant

Link for Jobs for Veterans State Grant Services (placement, resumé, interview skills prep) – https://careersourceescarosa.formstack.com/forms/veteran_intake_form_com

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