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This Spring, 2023, when swapping out furniture, single, double and queen sized beds, mattresses, linens, pillows and left behind toiletries, please think about donating your used furniture and other items to our local emergency, transitional, temporary and rooming houses that are housing our low wage, low income, no income citizens while they wait for permanent affordable rental property vacancies that they can afford on low monthly incomes of less than $1200.

Please let us know when you might have any of these items so that the necessary manpower could be scheduled to pick up your donated used furniture/hygiene items and deliver it to one of our dozen local housing programs.

Thank you in advance for anything you can share with us in our effort to comfortably house local citizens awaiting permanent rental housing vacancies or the creation of new permanent rental homes/rooms.

Rick Dye, Chief Volunteer
FaithWorks InterFaith Ministries Network Pensacola, FL

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