Homeless Emergency Shelter Providers

CALLING ALL Homeless Emergency Shelter Providers

Seeking Homeless Emergency Shelter Providers including both Santa Rosa and Escambia County to be panel speakers for the August General Coalition Meeting.

Please email Serene Keiek to be included as a panel speaker.

If you are operating a homeless emergency shelter or camp please complete the survey below.

The General Coalition Meeting is open to the public and to all service providers in the two county (Escambia and Santa Rosa) continuum of care.

A big shout out to the service providers who attended the Century Continuum of Care meeting last month both in person and virtually. It was an amazing turn out! Many service connections were made during and after this very important meeting for the north end of Escambia County.

CoC participants

And a special thank you to Mayor Benjamin Boutwell for the warm welcome to the Town of Century.

REMINDER: Youth Action Board Meeting Thursday (Tonight) July 28th: 5pm-6pm
Location: Opening Doors Northwest Florida
1020 North New Warrington Road, Pensacola FL

General Coalition (CoC Meeting)
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