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Biden Administration Unveils Plan to Boost Affordable Housing – Full Article – Biden Administration Unveils Plan to Boost Affordable Housing – Route Fifty (

HOME Investment Partnerships Program – Funding increased by $1.6 billion aimed at helping state and local governments buy, build and rehabilitate affordable housing.

The HOME request also includes $100 million for a new home down payment assistance program for first-generation homebuyers of low and moderate incomes.

Fair Housing – $90 million to support state and local organizations that enforce fair housing laws.

Community Development Block Grant Program – $3.3 billion in competitive grants for states and cities to identify and remove barriers to affordable housing production and preservation.

Housing Choice Voucher Program Expansions – $32.7 billion and assisting approximately 50,000 more households than it did last year with a focus on helping people experiencing homelessness or gender-based violence. Approximately 2,100 state and local public housing agencies administer the program.

Budget also calls for using $9 billion to establish a housing choice program for children aging out of foster care system and another $13 billion for “extremely low-income” veterans.

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